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Silk Orchid Wreath Silk Orchid Wreath
This simply elegant design with silk cymbidium orchids, silk Hawaiian ti leaves and dried assegai is beautifully displayed on a grapevine wreath.  Choice of White, Pink or Green Cymbidium Orchids.

Approx. Diameter: 14" (One Size Only)

Price: $64.98 each

Moss Wreath Gardenia Wreath
Designed approximately 72 gardenias, this wreath makes a lovely wall design or table centerpiece with a candle in center.  Also perfect as a wedding design.

White only

Approx. Diameter 17" - $199.98

Red Anthirium Wreath   Custom Wreaths
Custom wreaths are available from our vast selection of tropical permanent botanicals.  Please email or call Rita for a free design consultation

Seashell Wreath

Seashell Wreath
This wreath is handmade of preserved eucalyptus, exotic seashells, coral, dried flowers, natural forest moss, and braided palm. Available with blue-green or brick (color) eucalyptus.


Calla Wreath Calla Wreath
This wreath is hand made of preserved eucalyptus, exotic seashells, lotus pods, white calla lilies and hill flowers. Available with blue-green or brick (color) eucalyptus with white or yellow calla lilies.

Care of Dried Flower Designs

To keep designs fresh and dust free, a simple misting with fresh water from a misting bottle will "blast" the dust from the design. This will not hurt the flowers, as they are grown with water.

Please keep all designs out of direct sunlight, as a natural fading will occur.

Colors may vary slightly due to growing conditions and dyes. Sizes may vary slightly due to artistic designs.

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