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If you like my creations, but have a difficult area to decorate, or if your home or office needs more attention, please give me a call. Working with your specific dimensions and colors, or perhaps a photo of the area, we can transform any problem spot into a natural feast for the eyes!

You may even have a favorite container or basket. I can create a beautiful arrangement with or without the container. I have sent arrangements to the mainland U.S. to be placed within measured openings of various vases and baskets.

I would love to work with you on a personal basis. Give me a call to personally customize a specific design for any area.

Here are some sample Designs!

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Care of Dried Flower Designs

To keep designs fresh and dust free, a simple misting with fresh water from a misting bottle will "blast" the dust from the design. This will not hurt the flowers, as they are grown with water.

Please keep all designs out of direct sunlight, as a natural fading will occur.

Colors may vary slightly due to growing conditions and dyes. Sizes may vary slightly due to artistic designs.

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